Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Fever

Yes, I know that Christmas is over, and there are 347 days until Christmas 2010. BUT, Josh and I decided while we were putting up the lights after Thanksgiving, that next year we'd have an even better yard - the best yard in the neighborhood, even! For years I've had a Christmas obsession with all things sweet. My tree has been done in Christmas treats since we've been married, and the one year I swapped to snowmen, my second Christmas love, it just didn't feel the same. Josh requested we go back to sweets this year, and I happily acquiesced. SO, for my first post to this blog thingymajig, I'll post one of the projects I've already started on for this year's Clark Griswold-ish Candyland. We're shooting for a picture in the paper! (Hey, Prattville's a small town. Maybe we'll get it on a slow news day *grin*) I bought these shatterproof (read-plastic) ornaments at BigLots during their after Christmas 50% off sale. I got the cellophane at Michael's with a 50% off coupon. The cable ties were freebies :-) So for this project, I spent a total of about $15. Plus I got to spend an hour or so with Josh, watching him play Fallout 3. Moses "helped" me with the ties and cellophane, too. Overall, it was a pretty nice evening, excepting the mutant chunks being blown around the screen. Eeew. Can you feel the Christmas spirit?

I reinforced the hangers with a piece of tape, so I can slip a hook through the cellophane without (theoretically) ripping it to shreds. We'll see how it works come November.

I also got quite a few giant candies at BigLots after Christmas. Woot! They're so expensive online, but I got some for $6 a box. Double woot! (You can see them toward the back in the picture below.)

Here are a couple more bargains we snagged during after Christmas sales. We've got quite the collection of Christmas decorations going, and all at awesome prices! I'm so excited! *grin* Please excuse all the other junk. This is our very messy garage. It's on my list of things to organize. Promise!

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