Thursday, January 28, 2010

Retirement tastes gooood.

I just wish it were me retiring! Ha! :-) A lady at my office, who's been there for, oh... 30 years? Something crazy like that... is retiring effective tomorrow. Yay, Dale! Congrats! Here's the cake I made today for her party:

DaleRetirement2010 (2)

The cake is chocolate fudge, filled with strawberry pie filling (YUM!). The icing is chocolate buttercream, made with dark chocolate cocoa powder (DOUBLE YUM!!!) and then drizzled in dark chocolate ganache. *dies* I hope she likes chocolate... 0_o ...

HA! Just kidding. She does. :-D

Annnnd, here are the cupcakes. We're expecting a lot of people. I really hope they show up, too, because I'm not taking any of this home with me! I'm tired of cake! *gasp* Yeah, I said it. :-p So there! I always am after spending 6 hours in the kitchen smelling ooey gooey icing and cake. (yes, and snitching some from time to time. What?? I have to taste it, don't I??)

DaleRetirement2010 (6)

DaleRetirement2010 (5)

These are vanilla cake filled with strawberry, and coated in white chocolate ganache.

I had some chocolate batter left over, so I made some chocolate cupcakes, too, filled with chocolate buttercream and dunked in dark chocolate ganache. I actually like the way the chocolate ones turned out better. The cupcakes themselves rose a lot more, and the white chocolate ganache was not as WHITE as I envisioned it, but looks ain't everything! They'll still taste good! :-D


DaleRetirement2010 (9)

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