Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Beginnings, Happy Endings

Sometimes bad beginnings can have happy endings. About 9 months ago, an upstanding citizen decided the kitten they owned had become more of a burden than a pleasure. Take him to the shelter? Nah, too much trouble. Throw him out of a moving vehicle? Yeah, that's the ticket! ... And they did.

Luckily for this little orange tabby kitten, someone saw this heinous act, and stopped to pick up the tiny, broken body from the side of the road. He was still alive, but paralyzed. The good samaritan took him to The Ark, where he's been nursed back to health and living until last week, where he would be united with someone who has also been on the receiving end of similar abuse.

My nephew is Downs, but that didn't stop certain people who were supposed to love and protect him from abusing him emotionally and physically. B is healing from that, just as the orange tabby healed from his wounds. We were told that "Fury" doesn't know he's disabled, even though he still bears the scars from his abuse. Neither does B. To B, he's just B, and he can do anything he wants to do, including be a cop and work at Pizza Hut "when he grows up". Two similar stories, two little boys; finding each other, loving each other, each giving the other what he needs.

So, really, this isn't the end at all, but rather a happy beginning. Both for "Fury", now Gus, and B. Here's to many, many years of happy, healthy companionship!


B And Gus

Please, adopt!!


MiSsYuRi said...
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MiSsYuRi said...

I really love this touching story happened in this selfish, cruel real world. We do need some more love and careness, don't we?
All the Best to B and Gus!

TooTall said...

We do, Yuri! People can be so cruel! Thank you so much! =)