Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Good, Stiff Drink

Happy birthday to my boss, happy birthday to my boss! Happy biiiirrrttthhhdaaay toooo BiiiiIIIIILLLL, happy birthday to YOU! Tadaaaa! *beams* Today's my boss' birthday (if you hadn't gathered that from the off key singing). So last night I whipped up some chocolate fudge cupcakes and dunked them in my new favorite icing, dark chocolate ganache.

CoffeeAndDoughnuts (3)

I was going to fill them with whipped ganache, but it just didn't want to cooperate last night, so two of them are filled and the other twenty-two are not. Someone will get a surprise, I guess! :-D

I made tiny coffee cups and doughnuts for the top. We at the office loves us some G&S doughnuts and we'll often have them instead of cake for a birthday, so doughnuts were a gimme. And everyone here is addicted to the coffee, and it goes oh so well with the doughnuts, so again, another gimme. :-D Josh pointed out that the coffee was VERY dark, so veeeerrry strong. And another indication it's strong stuff?

CoffeeAndDoughnuts (6)

...It stands up over the edge of the cup. Now that's a stiff drink! *ba dump CHING*

I topped 12 with the coffee cups and doughnuts, and the other 12 I topped with chopped salted peanuts. I thought it would be a nice combo with the rich chocolate ganache and cake. :-)

CoffeeAndDoughnuts (7)

We eat at 10! And unlike the retirement cake, I'm going to get a piece of this!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool cupcakes!

TooTall said...

Thank you very much! =D