Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Love Publix!

No really, I do! Since a couple of people are interested in my savings via coupons via Publix each week =D I thought I’d post them here, instead of on Facebook alone. So this will, unless I get lazy, be a regular post. =)

And since sometimes I find deals (and impulse buys… things I just can’t live without!) while I’m there that were not on my list, I’ll post the list I’m starting with here:

Campbell’s cream soups (4)
Kraft shredded cheese (4) Mozzarella & cheddar
Idaho potatoes (1)
Philly cream cheese (5)
Stacy’s Pita chips (2)
Bird’s Eye Frozen Veggies (1)
Ore-Ida Steam ‘n Mash (2)
Sister Schubert’s rolls (2)
Mt. Olive jalapenos (2)
Hellmann’s Mayo, 30 oz (2)
A1 Steak sauce (1)
Hunt’s Tomatoes (3)
Duncan Hines cake mix, lemon (multiple)
Gold Medal flour, 5 lbs (4)
Cascade Actionpacs (1)
Playtex Gentle Glide, 18 ct. (2)
DelMonte veggies (8)
hot dog buns
Oscar Mayer bacon (2)
Tropicana orange juice, 64 oz (2)
Sarah Lee Dessert

It may not make sense, but it’s my own little shorthand in some cases, and I know what it means!! LOL

Now, I do have a stack of coupons for things that may or may not be included in this week’s sales so the cart may be fuller than planned. =) NOW, on to Publix!

*flash forward* (LOST fans, anyone?)

Here's what I actually purchased tonight. Keep in mind, any coupon (except store Qs), that are .50 and less, Publix doubles.

2 Playtex (TMI, I know. Sorry, just keepin' it real folks!) 3.49 ea, $1/1 (x2)= 2.49 ea
3 Bird's Eye Steamfresh veggies 1.19 ea, 1/2 store Q+ .35/1 (x2)= .39 ea
2 Sister Schubert's dinner rolls, 2.50 ea, .50/1 (x2)= 1.50 ea
4 Kraft shredded cheese, 1.67 ea, 2/2 (x2)= .67 ea
1 Sara Lee pound cake, 1.89, 1/1= .89
2 Ore-Ida Steam 'n Mash, 2.00 ea, 1/1 (x2)= 1.00 ea
1 Keebler Cheesecake cookies, 1.75, .55/1= 1.20
2 Oscar Mayer bacon, 3.00 ea, 1.50/1 (x2)= 1.50 ea
5lb bag of potatoes, 2.50, no Q
4-5lb bags Gold Medal flour, 1.49 ea, .75/1 (x4)= .74 ea
2 Hellmann's Light Mayo, 2.42 ea, 1/1 store Q + 1/1 (x2)= .92 ea
4 Classico jars pasta sauce, 1.30 ea, 1/2 (x2)= .80
2 cartons Tropicana orange juice, 2.50, BOGO coupon= 1.25 ea
A-1 peppercorn sauce, 2.05, no Q
4 Campbell's cream of soups, 1.00 ea, 1/4 = .75 ea
3 cans Hunts diced tomatoes, .70 ea, 1/3= .37 ea
2 Stacy's Pita chips, 2.50 ea, BOGO Q= 1.25 ea
1 Cascade Actionpac, 3.99, 1/1 Q= 2.99
2 Chocolate Cheerios, 2.15 ea, 1/1 store Q (x2)+ 1/1 (x2)= .15 EACH!!!
4 Duncan Hines cake mix, .97 ea, no Q
1 salad mix, 2.00, no Q
1 Glade spray freshener, 2.99, 1/1 store Q + 1/1 = .99
1 Scotties tissue, .99, 1/1 Q= FREE!
Deli hamburger buns, 2.59, no Q
1 Lays chips, 2.00, no Q

For a grand total of $63.43! Thank you I Heart Publix! She makes it SO much easier to save money! Check her blog out! Lots of tutorials and helpful tips!

Phew, that was a lot of work! I don't know how they do it! Makes me appreciate IHP that much more =D I think I'll just post pictures and the grand total of my hauls from now on. LOL Speaking of which, here's the pics of the booty! (Not that kind of booty. Get your mind out of the gutter, perv!) LOL

(Click the pics to get the full view. It cuts off a smidgen of the items with this size pic.)

Publix trip 3/24

My full cart!

Publix trip 3/24 (2)

My full stove. LOL

Publix trip 3/24 (3)

Annnnd, my full island. :-)

I love Publix!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Six Down, Eighty to Go!

For me, Josh was the literal “guy next door”. But that was all, for quite some time. Just the guy next door, living with his parents that always wore a hat, white shirt and jeans. Always. LOL


I cut his parent’s grass one weekend while they were away, having NO clue how handsomely (and I DO mean handsomely =D) I’d be paid for that little act of kindness. His parents took me out to dinner shortly after as a thank you, and because Josh was hungry, and broke, he came along with them.

One day shy of six months later, we were married and headed to St. Augustine, FL for our honeymoon!





*WARNING: Sap ahead. Avert your eyes if it makes you gag-a-maggot*
*Are they averted? Yes? Ok, good.*

Every day with Josh is a pleasure. He is truly the best man I’ve ever known. Other people may not always get to see it, but he’s a sweetheart--a thoughtful, sensitive, patient, SMART, giving, devilishly handsome and often goofy, snuggly teddy bear that I love with all my heart. (And a hotty to boot!)

JoshBday2005 032

JoshBday2005 002


Oh yeah, and freakishly flexible. LOL

Moses thinks he's cuddly, too. Back off my man, Moses! Back off and no kitty paws get broken!


*Ahem* Sorry about that. I get jealous sometimes. I’m sure given all of Josh’s stunning qualities, you understand.

Happy anniversary, Baby! Six down, at LEAST another 80 to go! =)


Told you he was patient.