Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me Love Cooookiiieeeess!

Whenever I put words on a cake, I'm always checking and rechecking my spelling. How embarrassing would that be, to misspell something on a cake you're giving away!! Family? OK, it would still be mortifying, but you'd get over it. Someone else? Eeep! Bury me now. LOL Anyway, sorry to disappoint, but I didn't misspell anything on this cake. (Did I? *checks* No? OK! Phew!) It's just a little peek into what my jumbled up mind is thinking while I'm decorating cakes ;-) Here's the Cookie Monster cake I made for a coworker's little boy. He'll be 2. Yep, that 2 CM's holding means something, it's not just randomly placed there =D Though I AM a random person sometimes! (Pickles.) See?

Chocolate cake, cherry filling, vanilla BC. You can't tell really well in this pic, but the icing is actually a very pale blue. Ignore the dark spots on some of the letters, please. This camera picks up more than I'd like sometimes. LOL It's just the water I used to stick the letters to the icing. It'll dry and look normal. In theory... 0_o

Happy birthday, Tristan! (Did I spell that right?? *bites nails*) LOL

The topper by itself:

Oooo, it's a mysteryyyyyyy

The finished product:

Cookie Monster (4)

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