Thursday, April 8, 2010

Publix Trip!

I've still got to make a Walmart trip tomorrow for about 10 things, so this week I should still be under my goal of $100/week. Woot, woot! Spent $65.74, had $26 worth of manufacturer Qs and $9.70 worth of store Qs. Not pictured here (because I was too lazy to take them out of the trunk just for this picture. LOL) are 3 bags of Meow Mix we're donating to the shelter next time we're up that way. The 4 bottles of Airwick air freshener are also for the shelter. =) The tissues for B's school and the rest for our menus and stockpile. I'm lovin' this couponing thing! =D (We've also used the Qs to get cheap stuff for the OCC boxes. $.49 toothpaste, for instance!)


Until next trip!

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