Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Boy and a Bat, er... Dog.

B looooooves dogs. And although he's decided he doesn't want to actually OWN one, after Judah got so carsick a few weeks back (Every possible bodily function a dog can do, he did in the back of my car. It was wonderful. Really.), he does still like to play with them. =D

Is this a dog, or a bat? The jury's still out.

Bat Dog

Judah has a mean left hook.

Left Hook

Either he's telling him he loves him... orrrr, telling him to RAWK OOONNNNN, YEAH!

Judah and B 3

On another note, I got in a bumper crop of giant jalapenos last night. Looks like I'll be making these this weekend!

Mammoth Jalapenos

Judah is not looking forward to them as much as we are, though. I don't think he's a fan of spicy foods...

Death by Jalapeno