Monday, March 21, 2011

Spa Pond: The Saga

I've had a goldfish pond in my backyard since I was a young teen. Hobby ponds were pretty new back then and not much info was available to me and my dad at the time. So we did our best, and our best was pretty awesome to us. =) Josh and I decided, though, that now it's time for a lower maintenance pond, since the old one has expanded over the years, and is more work than it is the relaxing place it was intended to be. Daddy built his pond from an old hot tub shell, and it's worked REALLY well for him, so we decided to go that route. Twenty bucks and a ride out to the deep boonies later...(Dueling banjos, anyone?) our pond project had begun. This is our story. =D


A wonderful friend saved us 3+ days of work and 3+ broken backs by digging the hole for us! Woooo! To quote B, "You wrooool!"


Once the hole was dug, we (and when I say "we", I mostly mean Daddy. =D) slid the tub into the hole and added 4x4s to support and level it.

Day 1 (2)

Daddy loved not having to dig the hole in our "dirt" by hand!! (and by "dirt", I mean clay/concrete mixed with rocks.)

Day 1 (4)

We then proceeded to toss the dirt back INTO the hole it just came from. Crazy, right?? A little water went into the tub, then we washed (and by "we" I mean ME. Daddy was still shoveling dirt. I took the hard job.) the dirt around the edges of the tub down into the hole and under the tub for support. Then the tub started to float, so we had to add MORE water to it, and stop for the day, to let the water drain down into the surrounding soil.

Day 1 (6)

And it's a good thing, too, because I was BEAT!!

Day 1 (5)


Second verse, same as the first! More of the same today. Shovel, water in, shovel, water in, shovel, water in, shovel... well, you get the picture. And here's the progress! Looks like yesterday, doesn't it?? It's NOT, THOUGH! This is 3 hours of work here, people! LOOK AT IT!!!!

Day 2 (3)

And here are the muddy boots to prove it.

Day 2 (2)

Judah decided he liked the dirt pile to lay on. The picture sucks because my phone takes sucky pictures.


DAY 3... and the rest... I lost track, ok??

The weight of the tub and water started to make the 4x4s bow, so Daddy had to dig down and add more support to the beam.

Redo Support

The decking has begun!! (Hi, Daddy!)

Decking has started!

The roof, the roof, the roof is... on the deck!

Roof up!

Almost done! Daddy laid the foundation for the porch deck while we were at work. Actually, Daddy did almost ALL of this by himself while we were at work! =)

Almost done! - Copy

Judah wasn't allowed out because the kitties were having outside time, and he annoys the snot out of them. So he watched from the inside and pouted because Cassie got to be with Josh, and he did not. =)

Watching Josh (2)

Watching Josh (9)

FINISHED!!! Well, almost. We still have some detail work to do, fill in the old pond and add our banana trees and walkway, but the construction is FINISHED!!! Woot, woot! =D The fish are in their new home and I keep looking out the window, staring at our awesome new deck. Now we just need some furniture to put out there. LOL

Finished! (5)

Finished! (3)


Preparation (3)


Finished! (4)