Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Potty Time!

Our house was built in 1966. So, coincidentally , was our bathroom. It's 45 years old, in case you don't want to do the math. I think it's time for a little change, don't you? I know, I know, that the peach tile with brown freckles is just lovely, but I need a change, ya know? Sometimes a girl needs a little change.

Bathroom Before Scrubbed (4)

Ok, these before pictures are embarrassing! It looks so nasty, but I scrubbed this tile with a toothbrush to try to get the black gunk off, and this is as clean as I could ever get it. I had to scrub the tub with an S.O.S. pad! Which is exactly what this bathroom was crying out---S.O.S.!!!

Bathroom Before Scrubbed

Lovely brown, peach and semi-white mosaic tile floor. Excellent for hiding peach, brown and semi-white dirt! Paint drops, not so much. Homely (though very sturdy!!) cabinet that's been painted approximately 8 times. Old metal medicine cabinet, complete with razor blade slot and knobs that will slit your fingers open if you're not careful when opening. Fun times in this bathroom! Fuuuun tiiiimmmmees.

I'll spare you all of the "during" pictures. There are tons. First big project, you see. It's like a first child. Tons of pictures taken, no one cares to see them... next kid gets fewer... you get the idea. =D

*drumroll* And now! The moment all 2 of you have been waiting for!...Meet our new bathrooooooommmmmm!!!

AFTER! (2)

AFTER! (3)

AFTER! (5)


AFTER! (4)

....I'm kind of scared to use it!

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