Friday, January 20, 2012

We moved! Well, not really, but it felt like it!

We've been saving for a while to replace the 60 year old parquet floors that infested the back of our house. Old, yellowed and worn out, they were well past needing to go! So, we bit the bullet after Christmas, and started the demolition process. We're horrible about getting before pictures, but I'll post the ones I have... some are "in between" photos instead of before. =D Don't judge me!!!

But before I show you those, here's your fair warning, should you decide to take on such a remodel of your home... A whole house full of "stuff", crammed into the already full garage, kitchen and living room. I'm so glad it's over... I've never been so happy to be able to CLEAN!!

It's Driving Me CRAZY! (1)

It's Driving Me CRAZY! (2)

It's Driving Me CRAZY! (3)

It's Driving Me CRAZY! (4)
The new soon to be "Media Room", or some Zombie Somethingorother, as Josh calls it. ;-)


Old office-before (3)

Old office-before (2)

Old office-before (1)


Old office-floor removed (2)

The old floor... she did not give up the ghost easily! What a job!

Old office-floor removed (3)


None, yet! =D hahaahahahaha! Stay tuned!

Bedroom, BEFORE: (well, closet before, and bedroom BETWEEN... I told you... I always forget before photos! Don't be a hater.)

Bedroom closet-before (2)

Bedroom closet-before (1)

Picture 003

Picture 001





Craft Room BEFORE:

None, again... This is getting a bit depressing, really... 0_o




(Craft, and other junk to be added later =D)


New office-floor removed





(You see my little brown shadow in a lot of these pictures...)

Hallway BETWEEN:

Hallway-floor removed (1)

The tile you see in the kitchen there, was over the top of the parquet. Initially, it was going to be temporary, until we could replace all of our floors. The contractor said he'd never seen *that* done before... That's something, right?? (we didn't tell him we'd done it. Ha!!) ANYway, "temporary" turned into almost 8 years. =D Done now, though!

Hallway-floor removed (2)




Tadddaaaaaa! For what it's worth. LOL It feels like a brand new house, especially with the bathroom remodel a couple of months ago. Of course... now the half bath is looking a bit dingy... ;o)


Kristi said...

Looks AMAZING Ashley! Great job! I LOVE dark hardwood floors...which is why we put them in our house...however I HATE cleaning them! They seem to attract so much dirt! Or is it that dirt is more noticeable on dark floors? :-)

Great job again!

TooTall said...

I think they just SHOW the dust more. LOL But so does white carpet, so we were glad to get that out of the bedroom! No more carpets, as long as we have pets (which will be forever), so no more carpets! :-D Thanks!!