Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Buzz on *Unreal* Junk Food!

We all know candy is supposed to be an occasional treat, even if we don't always stick to the "occasional" part. ;-) But what if there was a treat made with less sugar? Ingredients you could feel good about putting into your body, so that when "occasional" turns into a little *more* than occasional, it's really not that bad? Well, that treat is here, and it's called Unreal! The cashier at CVS turned down my offer of a BOGO coupon for Unreal, saying he preferred the "real" stuff. Well, actually, my friend, Unreal IS the real stuff! Real food, made into a REALLY good candy!


Josh and I have tried two of the five varieties so far, even though we bought all five. (Occasional, remember?? Though since this IS for a Bzz Campaign... maybe a little more than occasional. Just this once! Hee hee!)

First up, was the peanut butter cup:

Look at the cute little design on the bottom of the cup! Adorable!


Delicious, melty and gooey, just like a peanut butter cup is supposed to be!


Our opinion? It was good. They don't taste *just* like a Reese's PB Cup, but they would satisfy the craving, I think. And check out the comparison from Unreal's website! (

Unreal PB cups

TEN less grams of sugar! TEN! Now, since Josh has to watch his sugar intake for his blood sugar, and I've been trying to watch my sugar intake for my overall health, I'd say Unreal PB cups make the cut! They're delicious AND better for you!

As an after lunch treat the next day, we split Unreal's version of a Milky Way bar:


Mmmmm, look at all that caramel! Our opinion? DELICIOUS! Our favorite so far!! I couldn't tell a difference between Unreal and Milky Way, personally. Now let's see how it compares, nutrition-wise:

Unreal Milky way

WOW! Sixteens fewer grams of sugar! Yes, I realize that the serving size is slightly smaller in the Unreal candies, but you really don't miss those few extra grams of sugary goodness, or not-so-goodness. ;-)

Bottom line, we're sold on Unreal candy. I feel better about Josh eating it when he's just GOT to have a real piece of candy, and I feel better eating a healthier treat for myself when the cravings strike. I just wish they had Unreal in our vending machines at work!!! Try them out for yourself! I have coupons!!!! =D

(Also, if you'd like to get your own awesome campaigns for all kinds of different products, head on over to and sign up! It's free, and a WHOLE lot of REAL fun!)

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