Thursday, September 6, 2012

Glade Expressions Bzzzzzzzz!

Thanks to I got to test out Glade Expressions, which I've seen in stores, but never got around to trying out. (They sent me a kit with one of each free for me, and tons of GREAT high value coupons for you!) I liked the look, I just like to know someone who has tried them before I "invest". So if you've been waiting on a bud to sniff and tell, here you go!!! =D

First, let's talk about the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser. I. LOVE. IT. Glade has come up with four deliciously natural smelling scents for their new line. (Check 'em out here:>. If only our computers were scratch and sniff!!) At my local store, the starter kits are $5.99 each.

Here's what your kit comes with:

Glade Bzz (36)

Just pop in your diffuser...

Glade Bzz (30)

Pop the diffuser and little oil bottle into the beautiful bamboo holder...

Glade Bzz (28)

And place in room of choice! It's versatile enough that it will look good in any room! I chose the bathroom for ours. I keep popping my head in the door, just to smell it! It smells sooooo good! No chemical smell at all! Like I have a sliced pineapple sitting in the bathroom. Which would be weird... 0_o But since it's a Glade oil diffuser, it's not weird at all. =D Look how pretty!


Now, on to the Fragrance Mist Starter Kit. They are $2.99 at my store.

I like the style of the misters. I really do. They look a lot more attractive, since you can peel the label off, as I did. I like how the base unscrews and you just slide the new refill in. BUT, and maybe it's just my bottle I picked up, it just doesn't spray as well as other Glade products. I seem to get a lot of STREAMS of delicious scent, rather than a nice MIST. Plus, I find I have to squeeze pretty hard sometimes, which I'm sure you're not supposed to need to do. Overall, I like it, but I don't think I'd use it as much as I would their regular cans (or my new favorite, oil diffuser!!) See for yourself! Maybe I just got a bum bottle. =)

Glade Bzz (4)

Glade Bzz (7)

Glade Bzz (16)

Glade Bzz (24)

It does look nice in the bathroom. But I still prefer the oil diffuser, hands down. I plan on taking the mister to my office. With all the leaky ceilings and walls in that place, it can smell kind of funky. I prefer the scent of Fuji Apple and Cardamom to moldy carpet ANY DAY.

Thank you, BzzAgent, for a fun campaign! If you'd like to join in on awesome campaigns, where you get to try awesome products for free, sign up! (Did I mention it's free????)

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